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Honey Farm & Gift Shop
5011 Bella Vista Road
Vernon, British Columbia
V1H 1A1 Canada

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Water Ionizers
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Ionizers Regency 2
Water Ionizer


Ionizers Regency 2
replacement filter


Introducing the Regency 2 Water Purifier / Ionizer
"A Significant Enhancement to the Appeal of Ordinary Tap Water and its Value as a Life Necessity"

Features and Functionality
  • Six stage filtration removes bacteria, chlorine and particles to 1 micron, but leaves the essential minerals intact.
  • "Watch Dog" Electronics for Hot Water and Overload Protection
  • Automatic and On Demand Clean Cycles
  • Filter Life Indicator
  • Protected by 3 Year Warranty
  • Quickly installs to your faucet, operating automatically to produce the best tasting water available.
  • The Regency 2 is attractive and will compliment the decor of any kitchen.
  • Produces, if desired, water that has an alkaline pH available in 5 user selected pH levels or "purify only" mode.
  • Benefits of alkaline water include better hydration, free radical scavenging, and counteracting of stored acidic wastes. You Can Drink Your Anti-Oxidants. As a result of the electrolysis process, Regency 2 water has a negative oxygen reduction potential, or an affinity for the free radicals that attack cell tissue. Imagine not having to rely solely on supplemental anti-oxidants since your water will already contain an abundant supply.
  • Ionized water has higher oxygen content than tap water. This benefit will be most apparent during exercise and physical labor.
  • And the water is wetter. The hexagonal molecular structure resulting from electrolysis is what makes the Regnesis Water "wetter" than tap or bottled water. Regenesis Water is more hydrating and quicker to refresh as these water molecules easily permeate cellular membranes.

pict Brew - Boil - Bake Using alkaline water to reconstitute your juices from concentrate will result in a sweeter taste with less bite because the acid will be neutralized. The same holds true for coffee and teas made from Regency 2 water. Vegetables and grains will retain their natural texture and color, and will retain a healthy appearance.

Make Your Own Antiseptic The Regency 2 makes acidic water simultaneous to alkaline water production. This purified acidic water kills germs on contact without harsh chemicals while possessing highly desirable astringent properties. Use it as a footbath, aftershave, or mouthwash. Water or spray on indoor plants, they love it!

But What About Minerals?
Regency 2 does not add minerals to your tap water. There are no "salts" or tanks hidden under the sink. Instead, this high tech appliance rearranges the healthy minerals that are native to your tap water, according to their electrical charge. This is done through electrolysis. The negative or alkaline minerals are drawn to the positive electrode and the positive or acidic minerals are attracted to the negative electrode within this chamber. A special barrier maintains this segregation. As a result, alkaline water contains the essential calcium (Ca+) magnesium (Mg+), sodium (Na+) and potassium (K+), while the acid water contains acidic compounds.

Calcium Option: For those concerned about getting more calcium, the Regency 2 contains a receptacle in which to place a corral pelletized calcium. Lasting usually at least 4 weeks, the corral calcium is gradually infused into the purified water and is subsequently ionized and dispensed as an alkaline ion. "Calcium in this form is absorbed more effectively without any side effects." Dr. Abel Jimenez, M.D.

Extra Oxygen? Oh!
Regency 2 water contains more oxygen than regular tap water. " This added Oxygen varies according to the pH selected and is present in the form of alkaline hydroxide ions (OH). The body makes use of the oxygen bound in the hydroxide compound when the aspirated oxygen (O2) runs low in the bloodstream. This benefit will be most apparent during exercise and physical labor. It has been written that it may also lower blood pressure and help the heart work less hard." Quoted from "Reverse Aging" by Sang Whang

Uses of Alkaline Water: Improves the taste and aroma of coffee and tea. Great for any kind of baking. Washing fruits in alkaline water helps keep their freshness longer. Great for removing pungent smells from fish, liver and odorous vegetables. This pleasant tasting water creates an increasing desire to drink more of it. Your pets will love it too!

Uses of Acidic Water: Great for washing hair. Applying a mist of acidic water can help to rejuvenate dry skin. Can also be used in place of aftershave. Makes a great mouth wash. Extends the life of flower arrangements. Controls mold and mildew on house plants. Acts as a disinfectant on small cuts and burns.

Recommended Reading: "Alkalize or Die" by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody
"Reverse Aging" by Sang Whang

Disclaimer: The Regency 2 is not a medical device. No medical or health claims are made nor implied by Triatomic Research & Development Inc. or its distributor Planet Bee Health Alternatives.

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Gift Pack Honey 3x150g

These gift packs make great gifts for family and friends. Contains 3 assorted honeys.
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