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Honey Farm & Gift Shop
5011 Bella Vista Road
Vernon, British Columbia
V1H 1A1 Canada

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Planet Bee is proud to announce the opening of The Meadery at Planet Bee and the introduction of our "HONEYMOON MEAD" HONEY WINE or MEAD, the Nectar of the Gods, is the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man and may date back to more than 20,000 years ago in the African bush, can be traced back 9,000 years to pottery used in Northern China and 8,000 years to the Sanskrit Reg-Veda of ancient India.
Mead, The Beverage of Love, is a pleasant alcoholic drink made from fermented honey and water. Mead can be manufactured from numerous different honeys, flavored with spices or fruit and made very sweet or very dry or anywhere in between.
Current mead list with food pairings


Mead, the beverage of love, is linked to the phrase "honeymoon," and the Norse wedding celebrations that could last for one full cycle of the moon.
This drinking of mead was also held responsible for fertility and the birth of sons, thus deserving great status in warrior clans. It was thought that if mead were consumed for one month (one moon) after a wedding then the first child born would be male.
A pleasant alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey and water, this Mead can be best enjoyed before, during or after dinner.

Current updated regulations within Canada allow the shipment of up to 12 bottles of mead for personal use into the provinces of Manitoba and Nova Scotia, (in addition to all of British Columbia.) For more information see and

USA Shoppers, please note: We CANNOT ship alcohol outside of Canada due to import / export restrictions and labelling requirements. All alcohol purchased abroad must be carried over the border by the consumer.

Age verification required for mead purchases:
By checking this box, I declare that I am at least 19 years of age.
Oak & Honey Rapture Sorry , Out of Stock

Acacia Ambrosia Sorry , Out of Stock

Okanagan Delight

Blueberry Bliss

Apricot Elixir

Blushing Cherry

Raspberry Romance

Honeymoon Mead Okanagan Delight

Mazercup International Awards

Year Planet Bee's Mead Medal
2011 Blueberry Bliss Silver
2011 Apricot Elixer Bronze
2012 Blueberry Bliss Silver
2012 Oak & Honey Rapture Bronze
2013 Spring Surrender Bronze

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Wonderful Experience
Was there this weekend and I think my friend and I bought most of their mead stock! The staff are very friendly and helpful, letting us do tastings and educating us, so much so we were back three times! We will definitely be ordering online. Thanks again for the smiling faces and experience and answering all of our questions!
- Natalie, Vancouver, BC

Gift Pack Honey 3x150g

These gift packs make great gifts for family and friends. Contains 3 assorted honeys.
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