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Honey Farm & Gift Shop
5011 Bella Vista Road
Vernon, British Columbia
V1H 1A1 Canada

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Planet Bee Propolis Products

Propolis, often called "nature's penicillin", has been around for millions of years and used by man for thousands of years.

Hippocrates apparently prescribed it for healing sores and ulcers, both internally and externally.

Propolis is a sticky resinous substance which the bees collect mostly from poplar and coniferous trees. It acts as a sealant in the hive and creates a sterile environment which protects the bees from infection.

Planet Bee Honey Farm and Bee Products offers propolis in several formulations including raw chunks, ointments, capsules, tincture, api-immune herbal formula, and in our "Hive Healer".

Propolis Products Apitherapics

Raw Propolis Chunks

  • Pure raw Canadian propolis

Propolis Capsules

Propolis Tincture in alcohol

30 ml
  • 45% cold-pressed Okanagan Red Bee Propolis in alcohol

Propolis Alcohol Free

30 ml
  • 45% cold-pressed Okanagan Red Bee Propolis in honey and glycerin

Api- Immune Drops

  • with Echinacea - Purpurea Flower, Augustofolia Root; Neem, Marshmallow; Elderberry, Ginger; Olive Leaf; Goldenseal, & Okanagan Red Bee Propolis in alcohol 45%

Api- Immune Drops
Alcohol Free

50 ml.
  • As above in honey & glycerin.

Throat Spray

30 ml
  • with Echinachia Augustifolia and Purpurea (root & flower), Licorice, Usnea, Elecampane, Neem Leaf, Olive leaf, Prickly Ash, Propolis, Purified water, 28% alcohol
    All natural products, no allergy inducing additives.

Propolis Ointment

60 ml
  • with Okanagan Bee Propolis, Olive Oil, & Beeswax
    ( Can be used on dry cracked and flaky skin, for minor rashes and as a skin moisturizer.)

Black Ointment

60 ml. with Bee Propolis and eleven other herbs.
  • Chickweed, comfrey, lobelia, marshmallow root, red clover, golden seal, chaparral, oak bark, bee propolis, pine tar, olive oil, beeswax, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil.
    (Has proven excellent for itchy skin conditions. Also very useful for sunburn, burns, scalds and insect bites.)

St. John's Wort Ointment

60 ml
  • with Okanagan Bee Propolis, St John's Wort Oil, Olive Oil, & Beeswax
    (Has shown good results for relief of pain from injury and sore muscles after workouts.)

Ointment 3 pack

3x 60 ml
  • Black Ointment with Propolis
  • Propolis Ointment
  • St. John's Wort Ointment with Propolis

  • Introductory 3 pack.
    Buy together and save!

Upon qualification, wholesale pricing is available. Please inquire by calling Toll Free: 1-877-233-9675 or Tel: 250-542-8088 or by Fax: 250-542-8072 or contact us for your particular requirements!

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Propolis Ointment
Ended up with 3ed degree burns on my stomach from boiling potato water....used local honey when it first happened and then the next day started applying the's helped the healing of the burn a lot and has kept the burn area from cracking and drying.
- Janet Borgen, McLeese Lake BC, British Columbia

Propolis Throat Spray
I have been using this spray for more than two years. It is the BEST throat spray ever! Incredibly effective!
- Nicole, Nanaimo, BC

Black Ointment
The product called Black Ointment has been a great help for my psoriasis; soothes very nice. Thank you for all your help. Awesome stuff, the best.
- Sherry

Gift Pack Honey 3x150g

These gift packs make great gifts for family and friends. Contains 3 assorted honeys.
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