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Honey Farm & Gift Shop
5011 Bella Vista Road
Vernon, British Columbia
V1H 1A1 Canada

Honey Bee Services
Call us for help with pollination or swarming issues.

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Tour Info
A typical guided tour begins indoors with the large totally functional glass faced observation hive and numerous educational wall charts and photographs. Observe the miraculous "bee dance," see honeybees entering their hives loaded with bee pollen, watch honey being made in the cells while nurse bees feed and nurture the young developing baby bees. Topics covered by your guide will include honeybee anatomy, life cycles and behavior and how bees produce honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly. Many optional elements also available upon request.

Honey and Mead tasting is always available at no charge.

Comments have included, "extremely interesting," "very informative," and "like nothing ever experienced or imagined before."

Summer Educational Program 2016

  • July & August (Every Day)
    June & September (Weekends Only)
    • Starts Approx. 1pm Sundays in June & July, Saturdays in July & August ONLY- Live - Opening of the Hive extension to the 12pm "All About Bees" presentation!
    • If possible, this is the time to plan your trip around!
  • Self-Guided tours, including mead and honey sampling, are available all year round with free admission!
  • Groups of 8 or more can pre-book presentations at custom times.
  • Please call ahead at 1-877-233-9675 or contact us for further inquiries or to book a custom group presentation.

  • Option 1: Self Guided Tour
    Best Economy Experience
  • No admission fee - Available 8:30 am to 6:30 pm daily
  • Browse indoor observatory and watch two live honeybee hives busily working behind glass.
  • Watch our introductory honeybee lifecycle and product guide video.
  • Study posters, pictures and educational displays.
  • Includes product information & honey tasting. For those 19+, we offer mead tasting at no extra charge.
  • If any of your questions are left unanswered, feel free to ask one of our worker bees on duty!
  • All facilities and tours are bee safe with minimal walking required.

  • Option 2: Daily Indoor Presentations
    Most Popular Experience

    Two types of presentations are offered twice daily in July / August and on weekends in June & September! One full-length and highly informative, and the other shorter more suitable for families with small children.

    "Basically Bees":
    • Approximately 15 minutes.
    • $2.50 / person, ages 3 and under free.
    • Offered at 11:00am & 2:00pm daily.
    • A brief introduction to bee species and the life of a honey bee.
    • Includes a free honey stick for each guest.
    "All About Bees" - Recommended for ages 14+:
    • Approximately 50 minutes.
    • Adults (16+): $7.00; Children (15 and under) $5.50; Family $25.00 (max. 5 persons, 3 adults)
    • Offered at 12:00pm daily.
    • Enjoy a very informative PowerPoint presentation on bees in our quiet and comfortable indoor presentation room.
    • Bring your questions and curiosity for the presenter who will be ready to literally teach you "All About Bees"!
    • To make your memory of us even sweeter, all tour guests will receive a complementary personalized jar of honey valued at $4.00. For those 19+, you may choose to subsitute your honey for a glass of mead.
    "All About Bees" - Extended Edition:
    Live Opening of the Hive!
    • Join us for a special extended 12:00pm "All About Bees" presentation only on Saturdays in July & August and Sundays in June & July!
    • Watch the beekeeper open a live honey bee hive while you remain safe indoors behind a screen.
    • This is a free 15-20 minute extension to the 12pm presentation. Since there is no extra charge for this extension, any customers are welcome to join in after the paid portion ends.
    Option 3: Pre-Booked Group Presentations
    Best Group Experience
    *For Groups of 8 or more.
    Please call or book groups using our Contact Us page.
    Three levels of content depth to suit your group's needs:

    1. "Basically Bees" - Recommended for ages 10 and under or those with a limited understanding of the English language.
      • Basic introduction on bee species and life cycles.
      • Approximately 10-15 minutes.
      • $2.50/person inc. tax. 1 free adult per 10 kids.
      • Includes a free honey stick for each child!

    2. "The Amazing Honey Bee" - Recommended for ages 11 - 15.
      • Educational Honey Bee presentation focusing on Bee species, life cycles, and the amazing products of the honey bee hive.
      • Approximately 30 minutes + question period.
      • $4.00/person inc. tax. 1 free adult per 10 kids.
      • Includes a free honey stick for each paid guest.

    3. "Bees, Beekeeping, and Bee Products" - Recommended for Adults and Children 16+.
      • Extensive educational Honey Bee presentation that will cover more in depth topics such as beekeeping and the current state of Honey Bee survival.
      • Approximately 50 minutes + question period.
      • $5.00/person inc. tax.
      • Additional personalized jar of honey for $3.00 each.
      • Mead sampling is an additional $3.00/person, refundable with any mead purchase.

    4. "Inside the Hive" - Full Hive Experience
      • For groups of 4-8 depending on equipment availability.
      • Must be pre-booked with the Beekeeper well in advance.
      • Enjoy the full presentation offered above, PLUS suit up in full beekeeper gear and go out into the bee yard!
      • $20.00 / person
      • Approximately 90 minutes + questions.
      • To make your memory of us even sweeter, all tour guests will receive a complementary personalized jar of honey valued at $4.00.

    We offer:
    • Adequate parking
    • Restroom facilities
    • Picnic area
    • Farm Store & Gift Shop
    • Free Honey Tasting
    • Mead Tasting

    Wow! Bee Pollen and so much more!
    Found your store on and had to come in.

    I didn't realize how much your store offers. I love it. Thanks you.
    - Geoff Marshal, Kelowna, BC

    Lonely Planet recommendation paid off!
    My Fianc´┐Ż and I are from the Uk and were on a road trip through the Rocky Mountains from Vancouver. We saw a section on Vernon in the Lonely Planet book, due to the fact we were driving through on our journey and decided to stop off for an hour to see what it was all about. We were amazed at the store and the bees they had on display, The lady who talked to us about the bees was very informative and filled our heads full of fun facts about them, we couldn't resist stopping in the store on the way out and purchasing a few treats for friends and family back in England. Would highly recommend this to anyone with a little time to spare in the Vernon/Kelowna area, a must for all passing through.
    - Adam Daniel, Dereham, Norwich

    Don't miss this spot!
    Hi! My 5 year old daughter and I travel to Vernon from Ontario each year. We stopped in on a whim one summer and absolutely loved it! We learned so much and your staff were so awesome. We will be back!
    - Samantha Frew, Golden Lake, Ontario

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